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Studio 23 is a company founded in 2005 and founded by independent author and producer Nenad Šestić. A special year in the development of Study 23 is 2011. When it is equipped with digital production technology, which makes the necessary autonomy in the realization of the program. The company is doing commercial and authoring film forms.


The author’s film is the company’s priority, through which the author, owner and producer Nenad Šestić, continues its work started in 1990, the year after graduation. At the moment, the project “Winners” is being completed, in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia, to be used in the education system of the Republic of Croatia. New projects that are intensively used are the “Dinarides” project, which includes the Dinaric Mountain Massif and the Marine History Series on the Adriatic, under the title of “Broken Ports and Boats of the Eastern Adriatic”.