Flooded ports and ships of the Eastern Adriatic

Flooded ports and ships of the Eastern Adriatic 2020-02-21T12:14:27+01:00

The project “Flooded Ports and Boats of the East Adriatic” is the work title of the project, which is carried out in cooperation with leading experts in the field of underwater archeology in this part of Europe. It is the first film project on the subject at issue in general. The series itself deals with the history of maritime affairs in the Adriatic, as the northernmost part of the Mediterranean basin, from the sea level rise and the formation of the present Adriatic Sea by the 20th century. The project will cover numerous well-known historical archaeological data, including some of the findings that caused great attention from the international expert public. But some of them, like the Neolithic settlements that are 5m below the sea, find Hanibal’s money in large quantities from the time of the siege of Rome, or finding and researching luxury cargoes for harem Murata III, the grandmother of Sulejman Majestic, are part of the world’s exclusive. The Adriatic, the true homeland of the world sailor and traveler, Marco Polo, this series will tie the viewers back with the world.